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New 96" Metallizer

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Rol-Vac, LP is an industry leader for converted Metallized & Clear films.  With over 35 years of experience we pride ourselves on fast turn around times, high yields, customizable applications, & unmatched quality.  Having a team committed to ensuring our customers satisfaction keeps us one step ahead of our peers.  Whether you print, coat, or laminate, we have both metallized and clear films available cut to size in our 50,000sqft facility.

Film Metallizing / Slitting / Distribution

Looking for smaller quantities of clear and / or metallized Polyester film and other substrates cut to size?  Don't want to wait the long lead times and pay the higher prices for small orders?  Rol-Vac, LP sources Polyester Film from several Domestic and Imported suppliers, always having several film choices available.  Utilize our buying power and inventory to lesson your lead times and cost.

Contract Metallizing & Slitting

At Rol-Vac, LP we take your business serious.  Whether it's Clear Film or Metallized, Rol-Vac, LP will manufacture your film to the desired width & length, to specific metal layers, and more.  We will work with you until you see the exact product your company is striving for.  With capabilities of up to 86" roll widths, Optical Density levels from as low as 0.18OD to 4.50OD and beyond, along with several machines to run your clear or metallized product.  We are confident that you will receive unmatched quality from our team of experts.

Rol-Vac, LP Inventory Hold Program

Tired of tying up revenue and warehouse space with inventory?  Rol-Vac, LP is now offering our own "Inventory Hold Program".  With the ability to house several film substrates and produce slit-to-width on demand, Rol-Vac will create a custom inventory management program to fit your needs, effectively eliminating lead time.  Whether it's tolling or Rol-Vac purchasing the film, we'll have what you need when you need it.  Provide us with a blanket purchase order for the amount of inventory and only be invoiced when shipments are invoiced.

Crynsulate Metallized SuperInsulation Films

This light weight super reflective metallized polyester film is specific to the Cryogenic and AeroSpace industries for several applications including MLI systems.  Advantages include; more even / consistent aluminum deposition at all levels, increased aluminum deposition per pass (0.5-0.8 Ohms/sq) resulting in improved gauge profile of the film, increased metal adhesion due to ultra high vacuum levels and less aluminum loss during the crinkling process.

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Custom Specialty


Improve value add opportunities with some of Rol-Vac, LP newest brands.  Now offering Brushed, Soft Touch, Alox, & High Barrier Films in addition to our standard products.

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Fast-Turnaround Delivery Program

Having trouble getting your sample produced in-house in a timely fashion?  Rol-Vac, LP now offers 5-10 day turnarounds for all your must have sample items. 

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Custom Specialty


Looking for something other than Metallized Aluminum?  Rol-Vac, LP offers Vacuum Metallized Copper available on several different substrates. 

R & D

Whether you're a University, Fortune 500 company, or a small business, everyone does R&D work.  Rol-Vac, LP offers our equipment & staff at hourly rates for you and your colleagues to collaborate and create the exact film required to meet your specifications.

Now Available: 3 Metalizers & 5 Slitters


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