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At Rol-Vac, we understand that you have a vision. This is why we will work with you to create the custom products needed to complete your vision. Our years of experience metallizing film allows us to be responsive to customer needs and work together to come up with a desired result.

Toll / Contract Metallizing - Slitting

We have the ability to metallize almost any type of flexible substrate.  If you have a product that needs to be metallized or slit down to size, we will work with you on a tolling basis and deliver your custom needs.


Film Types

PET, OPP, BOPP, LDPE, Nylon, PVC, Cellophane, HDPE, PLA, Polyimide, Polystyrene, Fabric, APET, PC, Acrylic, PU, Non-Wovens

Plasma Technology

Adding plasma to the metallizing process increases dyne levels on the substrate, which increases the adhesion properties.


Stripe Metallizing

Have your product stand out with fully customizable stripe metallized applications.  

Susceptor Light Optical Density

Our years of experience metallizing in the susceptor market has given us the ability to offer tolerance levels of .02 +/- across the entire web. 

Heavy Metal Optical Density of < 4.50 OD

The heavy metal layer is consistent throughout entire roll.  Testing can be done through optical density or Ohmns at the customers request.


Super Insulation Market 1 sided metal or 2 sided

Our proprietary technology has allowed us to become a worldwide leader in the Super Insulation market. Our ability to metallize thin film with heavy deposition across the web gives us the advantage over our competitors in this highly exacting market.


Size Capabilities

Our strategic company focus to be a custom metallizer has given us the unique ability to metallize and slit in a wide range of sizes:

  • Metallizing Capability - 7"-96"

  • Slitting Capability - 2"-96"

  • Rewinding and Reworking


It also allows us to offer a wide range of metal deposition levels.  Our custom abilities allows us to offer .2 to 4.5+ metal deposition consistently across the entire web.



We metallize a wide assortment of treated polyester films including:


  • Heat Seal

  • Corona Treated

  • Chemically Treated

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