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Rol-Vac-BL Film is Metallized Polyester Film with high transparency.  Used mostly in the lamination and board lamination, it is available with several different surface treatments including but not limited to Chemical, & No Treatment.  Rol-Vac, LP will customize your metallization needs from 0.18 Optical Density (Microwavable) on up to 4.50OD and greater.  This film more commonly is metallized to a standard metal layer of 2.2 optical density.  It traditionally provides gloss readings in the 750-800 range and the base film has a haze level of 2.4 or less.

Available in:

          48, 92, 120, 144, 200 gauge. 


Fantastic brightness

Excellent adhesion with inks & adhesives

Extreme reflectivity

Specific Properties available upon request


Rol-Vac, LP strives to meet customer specifications.  Please advise us of your technical requirements to be confirmed by our team.

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